How to plan your travel with the AirAsia Unlimited Pass


We heard that loads of you have purchased the AirAsia Unlimited Pass, hooray!!!

Well if you have not obtained this Unlimited Pass yet, what are you waiting for? Go to or AirAsia mobile app and select Deals to grab it while it lasts, your window closes on 2359hrs of 7 March 2020 (It’s Malaysia Local Time, just to be absolutely clear). 

Now that you possess the absolute power to fly unlimited times to many of our awesome long haul destinations, it is time for you to learn how to unlock this superpower.

First things first – log-on to your BIG Member account on or your AirAsia mobile app, and make sure that your profile name is exactly the same as your passport! Yes, no nama glamour like Ironman or Wonderwoman, save that for other special occasions. :p

Go on here to change your profile name, otherwise “once booked, considered done”- no more name changes after the first flight redemption is confirmed! You only have 1 chance to change your name, so use it wisely!

For y’all mobile-savvy users, we will be showing you the mobile app display in the step-by-step guide below, but the desktop version will share a similar display – you get the drill!

Untitled presentation.png

1. Your superpower lies within the ‘My Purchases’ tab under Deals!

Locate your purchased deal, generate a unique code and once you click “Apply Now” the page will refresh to a flight search page for you to pick your flights! You can also manually copy and paste the unique code to be used at the “Promo Code” field, try it out!

If you have purchased the Pass but cannot locate it here, worry not! Allow the system a few hours to refresh before you try again. If the problem persists, email us at

2. The world (not really, but close enough) is now your oyster!

Pick your destination and travel date, and insert your Unique Code at the “Promo Code” field.

The AirAsia Unlimited Pass allows you to redeem unlimited flights from Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to the destinations below: 

  • From Kuala Lumpur (return): Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an, Amritsar, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Sapporo (Chin Chitose), Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo (Haneda), Tokyo (Narita), Jeju, Seoul, Busan, Taipei
  • From Bangkok (return): Brisbane, Shanghai, Sapporo (Chin Chitose), Osaka, Tokyo (Narita), Nogoya, Fukuoka, Seoul
  • Others (return): Taipei – Osaka, Taipei – Okinawa, Osaka – Honolulu

3. Adventure is out there!

Flights with the “100% OFF” signs are flights available to be booked by AirAsia Unlimited Pass holders. The value you see here is the airport taxes and fees payable for that sector, you can see the total payable taxes and fees at the summary black box at the bottom. 

If one of your selected flight has no “100% OFF” sign, chances are the AirAsia Unlimited Pass is not available for redemption on that date or your selected date falls on embargo period. Fret not, just keep changing the date to search for an available flight!

Also, an embargo is a fancy word for travel blackout, which indicates public and school holidays or a peak travel period.

As a rule of thumb, avoid travelling on public or school holidays, the weekends (not the singer) and special national events such as the Olympics! Not sure? Consult the almighty Google. 😀

For Malaysia, below are the upcoming holidays observed (screams: CUTI !)

Remember, booking of flights under the AirAsia Unlimited Pass must be made at least fourteen (14) days before the flight departure date. Pass holders can travel unlimited times from now until 2 March 2021. 

4. Superpower or not, there is no avoiding tax(es) and fees 😉

The AirAsia Unlimited Pass only allows flight redemption with zero base fare and does not include government taxes and fees, airport charges, as well as add ons such as baggage and meals, or other charges. 

Here’s a list of mandatory government taxes and fees (2-way return trip) for available destinations:

The prices for “add-ons” such as baggage, meals and seat allocation can be found on

Your booking is confirmed once you have completed the payment. 

5. With great power comes great responsibility.

Your power to fly (really, we mean your AirAsia Unlimited Pass) cannot be returned, refunded or transferred, and it will be taken away after 3 consecutive no-shows for your confirmed flights to avoid abuse. So make sure you turn up for your flight!

If unsure, read the terms and conditions and Frequently Asked Questions again!